Earnest Money Best Practices – How Much “Trust” is Needed in a Real Estate Transaction?

How do you know if you can trust someone? Earnest Money in Real Estate is, in theory, a financial good faith offering showing that you intend to purchase a property and perform tasks to close per contract guidelines and stipulations. But does Earnest money mean you can really trust someone to perform? It’s currently very common in Middle Tennessee to make an offer on a property with some “trust” money on the line to show a Seller that you have some skin in the game. If you mess up, you could risk losing out big time. Below are some of the most common Earnest Money best practices and stories according to Owner and Managing Broker, Liz Gatlin.

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How To Add an In Law Suite to Your Home in Nashville

We get asked all of the time about In Law Suites. Nashville has been growing so fast, that many home owners and investors are considering the opportunities associated with Accessory Dwellings and potential Rentals for extra income and to fill a pent up market demand in our growing city . The funny thing is that there are so many names of these apartment style units! Just check out The Many and Confusing Synonyms for ADUs. (Accessory Dwelling Units) Mother-in-law Suites, Granny flats, Cottages, and Above the Garage Apartments, are all in our vocabulary. Below is a recent case study on how to incorporate an in law suite to your home and benefit from the added space and opportunity.

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Why We Use Exclusive Representation in Real Estate

When I first got into Real Estate I was literally walking the streets. At the time, it definitely wasn’t very safe for my young blonde 20 something year old self to be going door to door in high heels down the major roads in Nashville. But I was told it was the only way I would get business, so I did. And honestly, I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I even started having to base the success of my day on how many cat calls I had received just to keep things light hearted and my morale high. So naturally, one day as I was walking down 8th, I ran into a criminal masquerading as a Seller. One that has forever shaped my opinions of work and worth.

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Southern Athena’s Guide to Real Estate Investing: How to Invest

Are you curious about real estate investing? It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Over the next 6 weeks I will be giving a beginner’s guide to all things real estate investing. This guide will explain what real estate investing is, different types of investing, and how to evaluate an investment property. By the end of this guide, you will have a basic understand of the real estate investing world and maybe even a little inspiration to take that jump! Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Joining A Real Estate Team

Many agents we interview have questions about how they should go about Getting Into Real Estate. Depending on your style, going Solo vs joining a "Team" have very different impacts on your career path now and down the road. So in true Southern Athena fashion we decided to break it down into an easy Pro and Con List. Then you can see which option really fits best with your skill set and goals.

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Why Landlords Ask For Your Financials and What They Want to See

If you are new to commercial leasing then the process can be slightly overwhelming. We get it and are here to help. This one part always seems to make potential tenants uneasy, confused, or worse, spooked… So here is the skinny on why landlords ask to see your financials, AND what they want to see, so you can set your business up for success to get that space LEASED.

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Change Your Life with Real Estate in 2018

Happy New Year Nashville! As many of you are working on your Resolutions and thinking about all of the major items you wish to tackle in 2018, we are preparing to help you with all of the change that is going to make this year awesome!

If you have any of these Resolutions on your 2018 bucket list, we want to talk. Our team can help you reach almost any of your goals through our fun integrated approach to real estate and life:

  • Make More Money (Real Estate could be the #1 factor that helps you accomplish this goal in 2018)
  • Move – Well duh, it’s kind of our thing. We will help you Buy, Sell, Develop and Invest in 2018.
  • Lose Weight – Have you read our “Get Healthy Property Guide”? <- Link Coming soon
  • Remodel, Renovate, Upgrade! – ROI for life, here we come.
  • Start or grow your Business (Oh buddy, you need to talk with Liz Gatlin ASAP on this one)
  • Retire – Your Real Estate needs our attention before you take the plunge
  • Save More Money

We have Resources for all of these major life changing endeavors and personal experience with how to plan your approach for success. Think of us like Your Personal Trainer in Real Estate. And this year we are working on bringing you even MORE tools to make these Resolutions easy as pie.
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