SNEAK PEAK | Cottage Master Bathroom Remodel – Green Hills, TN

How many of you have romanticized the idea of living in a sweet, cozy cottage home? (I’m raising my hand over here, because I know I have!) The hard truth for those of us that have purchased older homes know the work that goes into making it our own or making it work for our modern family lifestyle.  The rooms are smaller, the living spaces are more compartmentalized, and most likely there is no master “suite” to speak of.

Older homes can be a process, there is no doubt, but when our broker, Liz, stumbled on this 1940s cottage home in Green Hills, she knew it was going to be perfect for her sister and family. They weren’t so sure during their first look, but thankfully Liz is an architect! She was quickly able to show them solutions to the spaces they had issues with and they saw what this home could really become for their family.

No surprise, they did end up purchasing the home with Liz’s assistance and very quickly started in on the demo day and gut job in the key areas. Most exciting for all of us to see is the creation of a brand new Master Bathroom in their Master Suite!

Previously, the Master Bedroom was a regular-size bedroom with a small closet that backed up to another regular-size bedroom with a small closet. With Liz’s new plans for that space, the wall in between these two bedrooms was coming down in order to create a much larger Master Suite. (Who doesn’t LOVE this idea?) Since the home has 2 bedrooms upstairs and would still have 2 bedrooms downstairs, letting go of the 5th bedroom was not an issue for her sister and family.

Here you can see photos of the 2 bedrooms before the demo:

Here you can see how we opened up the wall through the closet of one of the rooms to create the bathroom & closet portion of the suite toward the back:


Liz’s plans called for a walk-in closet in between the new Master Bedroom and the Master Bathroom portion of the suite. This can be a great idea in Master Suites because it separates all of the noise of getting ready (and any unpleasant sounds that come with a bathroom) and the bright lights in a bathroom while their partner is asleep in bed.

The direction we ended up going in the bathroom was inspired by different pieces we found, which you can see in these photos. Marble! It definitely elevated the look of the home from a basic, vintage cottage:


As I type this, the bathroom is so close to being finished. We are waiting on the vanity while the tile is being installed. Light fixtures & mirror are in hand, just waiting to be installed along with the entire look. But don’t worry…I’ll leave you with this vision board for the bathroom (below) so you can see what styles I had in mind when we were choosing all of the pieces.

Make sure you are following along on our Instagram feed and especially our Instagram stories for little behind-the-scenes details and more photos! Stay tuned – I am hoping for final photos of this bathroom by mid-June!

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