What Is My Home Worth?

We know you may have seen your estimated “Home Value” online, but do you REALLY know what your home could command on the open market? We are here to help.


People – not statistics – determine the Real Value of your Home

Our Real Estate experts understand that there are 4 different criteria to analyze that will impact your ability to get the highest and best price for your asset:

Overall Market Conditions

  • Buyer vs Seller Market (Supply & Demand)
  • Market Movement – Upward or Downward trajectory
  • Season
  • Interest Rates & Economic Factors

Local Market Conditions

  • Inventory
  • Days on Market
  • Price / SQFT
  • Local developments and policy (Ie. utilities upgrades, road widening, planning or zoning changes)

Comparable Properties

  • Location
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Amenities

Your Real Estate Agent

  • Property Presentation
  • Marketing channels
  • Negotiation Skills

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