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Call Us Today: 615-930-0931

Sell Your Commercial Property

Selling your commercial property should be a great experience and we know  what it takes to get you the highest and best value for your asset. Our Commercial Experts strategize the best solutions for your unique situation and then target the right market players to get the deal done.

Step 1 – We Get to Know YOU and your Property

People and Places are at the foundation of our business so we think it is truly important to  get to know and understand our clients, their Real Estate needs, and goals. We understand that every person and  property is unique.

  1. We begin by taking a Bird’s eye view of your asset and the opportunities you might have in Selling to meet your goals. 
  2. We document the key factors of your property that make it valuable. 
  3. We go through detailed checklists to examine opportunities you might have in terms of improvements, tenant and cash flow analysis, zoning and codes, property management, and changes that may be worth consideration. 
  4. Key Factors Analysed Include:
    • Local Market
    • Address
    • Location
    • Acreage
    • SqFt
    • Age
    • Zoning
    • Property & Use Types
    • Zoning
    • Taxes
    • Infrastructure
    • Architecture & Design

Step 2 – We Analyze the Data

Comparable Sales

Comparable sales are e a useful indicator of value that the Market will support. They help us by providing a historic record of values other comparable properties have sold for recently. From this information we can better predict a realistic range of values that the current market will find appealing. We select Comparable  properties that are similar in the following areas: Market area | Building & Lot size | Age | Architectural Improvements /Finishes . From this data and by giving more weight to those most recent and closely comparable to your property,, we extrapolate a value range and average realistic Sales price and timeline for your property. 

Active Listings

Studying up on the local market and competition gives us a huge advantage in Selling your property for the best terms.. Similar properties for sale and in the area can give us clues to what your property should list for when we Sell. Staying close to the competition also benefits us in beginning to outline the Pros &. Cons the Buyers will be comparing to that could impact the desirability of your asset.

Market & Economic Trends

We look at an overview of supply and demand, detailed statistics and a brief analysis of major transactions and changes in your Market. These economic factors often have an impact on the value of your property by providing clues for best possible timing of a sale and price expectations from the current market. These Market  Reports contain: Market Highlights | Historical Vacancy Rate | Asking Lease Rate Comparisons | Average Asking Lease Rates | Changes in Occupancy | Available Space By Market | Notable Transactions. Supply and Demand in your immediate sub market may play a role in how long your property is on the market, the final price for which it sells, and the type of buyer that “seals the deal”. If you would like to know more about commercial real estate happenings in your area and how this data might affect your property please do not hesitate to call.

Step 3 – Personalized Listing Strategy

Sign Exclusive Listing Agreement

An Exclusive Listing provides both you and your Realtor  protection and security during a real estate transaction. Without an Exclusive Listing, no one is working for you and on your behalf. The end result of an Exclusive Listing is a careful, conscientious, coordinated, and complete marketing effort by a skilled and dedicated real estate professional.

Step 4 – Marketing Your Property

We create a personalized strategy to market your Property showcasing its highest and best value. We take pride in offering our clients the most extensive and thorough marketing campaign available. Specifically, we will do the following:

“Feet on the Ground” – Direct Prospect Contact

Our direct marketing of your property is the highest value service we provide. We do this on a continuing basis until the property is leased or sold. The first contacts we make will be with:

  • The owners and users of surrounding properties.
  • The most likely prospects for the property, such as related companies, similar businesses, competitors or suppliers;
  • All prospects currently in the market looking for space, as cataloged in the Southern Athena proprietary system of active user requirements. Direct contact and follow up are continuous and integral parts of our direct contact platform as that is the most effective way to be intimately familiar with the property.


We order Monopoly Inspired Commercial grade signs customized to your property. We have designed our signage to grab attention. Properly sized and placed signage is critical for capturing drive by traffic, and communicating location and availability to interested Buyers.


We list your property on multiple national marketing websites where users, brokers, and other interested parties can easily access the desired information and download and print property information including:

  • CoStar
  • Loopnet
  • CitySearch
  • RealTracs
  • MLS
  • Zillow.

We take care in managing your listing on these sites to best reach the intended target markets. In addition to these sites we list your property on, which grosses an average of 3,000 visitors a month. We also deliver regular email campaigns to prospects, clients and brokers showcasing your property to a list of over 500 companies and individuals.

Social Media

We also connect with people via Social Media.  There are many opportunities to reach a wider audience for your Real Estate through different social networks and platforms. We will actively list your property on multiple social media sites and provide news and access to users showcasing your Real Estate’s highlights. Connect with us @SouthernAthena on all of your favorite Social Media sites.

Brokerage Networks

We have great relationships and play  well with others. We market your property to other Commercial Brokerage Firms through email campaigns, network events, social and training events. These include both local and international companies that may have potential clients interested in your property. We also provide information to the local brokerage community, familiarize them with your property and request and encourage their cooperation in bringing opportunities to us.

Public Agencies

The Greater Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, the Williamson County Office of Economic Development, the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development, and the Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Agency, Greater Nashville Association of Realtors will receive property information. We have good relationships with these groups and they appreciate us informing them of the availability of properties in a timely manner.

Marketing Flyer

We will produce a high quality picture flyer and property information sheet for the offering. The information sheet will be in sufficient detail to allow users to understand the benefits of the property for them, and the flyer will attractively portray the property to the observer.

Requested Information

To properly market the property, we must learn as much about the property as reasonably possible. Certain items of information are useful to our marketing efforts. If these are available, our marketing efforts are enhanced and can make or save the owner money – Survey with floor plan / elevation information – Environmental report – Abstract of title / title commitment – Construction documents -Existing Lease and Tenant information if applicable.