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Project Progress – East Nashville Master Bathroom Makeover

East Nashville Craftsman | Built in 1926

When you walk into a craftsman home you will instantly notice the fireplace, built-in storage, and lots of wood. This home is craftsman to its core and I wanted to incorporate these traditional elements throughout the project. My goal was for the new spaces to feel as if they had been there for a hundred years!

The Original Floor Plan

If you’ve ever been inside an older home, you’ve probably noticed that most of the rooms have two means of entry. Rumor has it that homes were designed this way to keep spirits from getting trapped inside the room. As much as I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this long-ago designer, it had to go.

When remodeling older homes, you have to find unique ways to create space. If you look at the original floor plan, there is a hallway connecting the office, bathroom, basement, and master bathroom. This hallway is doors galore while not serving much of a purpose.

Working Through the Design

By removing, shifting, and demoing this hallway becomes the perfect space to add much needed square footage to the bathroom. Closing off the doorway from the office turns this shared bathroom into the new master en suite.

The existing bathroom is surprisingly large but the floor plan doesn’t quite work. Plus, due to the bathroom not having a true shower, the homeowners hardly used the space.

The New Floor Plan

Working through the design, we were able to create a powder bathroom and en suite master bathroom with a walk-in shower room. I don’t know about you but shower rooms are COOL, especially when they have a princess clawfoot tub in them.

Let’s Talk Finishes

Selecting finishes for the bathroom could’ve gone in many different directions. I knew I wanted the finishes to be appropriate for the home and its time period. However, that usually means white subway tile and hexagon tile flooring. I have nothing against those products but I wanted to change them up a bit for a unique look.

For the bathroom floor, I wanted to incorporate hexagon tile. It’s original to the home in the existing bathroom so it’s an easy way to keep with the character of the home. I specified a pre-made border pattern to go around the perimeter of the bathroom and shower room. This gives some “wow factor” to the white hexagon tile.

Wainscoting has always been a great way to dress up plain walls. Its also found heavily in craftsman style homes and this house needed more of it. For the shower room, I wanted to do some sort of wainscoting but as you know, wood and shower areas don’t mix. Luckily for me though, I found a way to create the same look by using 4 x 16 gray tile run vertically, capped with a tile trim piece, and white subway tile above.

Typically, I stay away from doing a white and gray bathroom but here it’s more than that. I’ve taken very popular products and laid them in a way that’s familiar yet unique. What would be a cold bathroom is warmed up with brass finishes making it the perfect master retreat.

Progress Shot

Things will look slightly different installed but the rendering starts to paint a clear image of how the final space will come together.

No matter how many projects you work on, whenever you get the “green light” to begin construction it’s exciting! You can be working on a project for months on end before construction begins and after that, you still have to wait. This East Nashville Remodel has been in the works for quite some time but now it’s go-time. The original scope of work has changed a bit but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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