Southern Athena – Office Space Calculator




How Much Office Space Do You Need?

We get asked all of the time to help businesses plan out their office space needs and growth. Most often the question of “How much SQFT do we need with X number of …… ” comes up when a company begins planning to Lease or Purchase a property.

We developed our Southern Athena – Office Space Calculator as a tool for analyzing your specific company’s space requirements and to provide you with a unique formula of office SQFT and Cost associated for your business.

Download our easy to edit, Office Space Calculator Spreadsheet Today and Contact Us for even more Office related resources!

Calculator Considerations for Office Square Foot per Person:

Calculating your office space requirements is not as easy as multiplying  # of employees times SQFT/person. Our Office Space Calculator factors in multiple criteria to help you determine your final true space needs:

  • Type & Size of Private Offices
  • Number of Staff using Workstations in “Open Concept” areas
  • Common Staff Areas like Conference Rooms and Reception
  • Back Office Areas such as storage,  and kitchen / break rooms
  • Circulation & Common Area Factors of Building
  • Building Class Types and Cost per SF Estimates (*Price per SF Estimated Quarterly for Nashville specific markets)
  • Growth Factor – Ask us about inputing growth scenarios into your Company’s Office Space plan!

If there are aspects of your office like multiple floors, internal restrooms, presentation and teleconference, you are able to easily add them in. We can then discuss architectural considerations like data ports, layout, and design insights through our many Architecture Service Packages.

Not All Offices are Created Equal

Have you considered that many offices have space plans that can either work with or against your company culture and brand? Looking at available office floor plans and factoring in space efficiency is a big deal when it comes to maximizing your dollar per square foot.

Though you may have budgeted 100 – 125 SQFT / person from the calculator, if the layout of the specific space is cut up, it may not be enough when considering larger staff sizes or room for 30% growth. On the other hand, building out many private offices from a shell space can get pretty costly, and may not be a wise use of financial resources if many of your employees will be working remotely and/or traveling.

We have seen wide ranges of needs based on office use type. An open concept Office user will need far less SQFT than a user with many private offices, conference rooms, or training areas. Two clients with the same number of staff have had a over 200% differences in their final SQFT requirements come out of the calculator based on office configuration alone.

Find out where your space is going and plan for success with our Customizable Southern Athena – Office Space Calculator. And Call Us for more strategic ways to add value to your Office space bottom line through our Commercial Real Estate Services!