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Call Us Today: 615-930-0931
Call Us Today: 615-930-0931

Pioneer Gentlemen’s Barber in the Gulch

Nashville’s southern gentlemen and ladies do not want to miss the newest addition of a distinctive men’s grooming service provider, Pioneer Gentlemen’s Barber in the Gulch. We were excited to help Pioneer with their commercial lease and business startup. This throwback to the luxurious atmosphere and traditional style only created by a classic barbershop, is just another example of how we are helping new businesses as they step up, and into, hot market territories in our city.

Tom Gaudreau, Pioneer’s proprietor, is a shining example of the Barbershop’s namesake.

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While researching the demographics of different sites (Part of our Commercial Leasing Tenant Package), the Gulch was discovered to be a gold mine for the concept. The Icon Building and Pine Street Flats respectively are comprised of 80% and 70% men and the area as a whole has over 66% male tenancy ratios, much higher than every other area in town. Watch out gentlemen, the single ladies may be taking notes!

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Pioneer will be one of the first businesses opening in the Gulch with grooming products and services tailored specifically toward men. Located at 408 11th Avenue South, highlighted items on their menu include: classic & contemporary cuts, hot lather shaves, facials, shoe shines and more. The best part, the atmosphere – sitting in a classic, completely refurbished American made barber chair, there is nothing quite like the poetry of a barbershop and enjoying the service and company of a timeless experience.

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