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Call Us Today: 615-930-0931

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Who We Are

Southern Athena is a Real Estate and Development Firm, dedicated to “Building A Beautiful South”. We help individuals and companies to buy, sell, design, develop, and invest in real estate to best align with their goals. By integrating Architecture, Real Estate and Construction, we are able to offer clients a smart and savvy approach to uncovering the hidden value in their Real Estate.

We pride ourselves in offering friendly, strategic and personalized planning for ALL of your real estate portfolio needs. We encourage you to celebrate your vision, large or small, by utilizing our innovative approach to investing in real estate.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing places and spaces that positively impact the lives of those around us. By integrating the many aspects of real estate, architecture, design, and construction we are better able to build healthy and inspiring places where people can live, work, and play. Our goal is to contribute a large legacy of beautiful places in the South through service to our clients and our communities.

We are Building A Beautiful South.
Elizabeth Gatlin
Owner, Broker, & Architect

Our Team