Melissa Johnson

My name is Melissa and I am the Lead Residential Design Specialist here at Southern Athena. I am responsible for both Architectural Design and assisting clients in Residential Real Estate transactions.

Having been born and raised in Nashville, I have seen firsthand how Nashville has grown and developed over the years. As a kid, I remember biking from MetroCenter to Downtown and there was nothing but old run-down industrial buildings. Now, if you ride that stretch it is revitalized and filled with redevelopment. New buildings, new people, new businesses, and most importantly, a new life for these areas. I have watched neighborhoods around town transform into “the next big thing” and the witnessed the energy these transformations bring. These up-and-coming neighborhoods hold a special place in my heart and my goal is to one day have them hold a special place in yours.Β 

I attended high-school at St. Cecilia Academy and received my Bachelor’s of Architecture from Miami University. In college I took part in a design/build program to Ghana, which has changed the way I see things. After graduating, I worked some time for a Residential Interior Designer before really diving into real estate.

My experience in Ghana really sparked my interest in the importance of communities. In Nashville, we have homes popping up everywhere and people moving here daily, but our communities aren’t as strong as they should be. My mission is to help build stronger communities here in Nashville so that we can continue to grow and thrive as a whole.

At Southern Athena, my goal is to assist clients in the home buying and selling process. When it comes to your home, I understand it is an extremelyΒ personal space. It can be difficultΒ to build relationships and place trust in multiple people. This is why I offer not only Real Estate Services but also Design Services so that we can continue to work together in a relationship we’ve already built.

I truly understand that buying or selling a home will be one of the most important decisions you will make, and I want to do whatever I can to help you along the journey. Please call or email to let me know how I can assist you in this next big life decision.