Gulch Condo in the Icon

The perfect place for a business executive who wants to live close to work – We recently had the pleasure of working on the sale of a top floor unit in Nashville’s hottest Gulch development. Our client leases space downtown for business and is now able to walk to work from the Condo. The Icon building is the largest of the condo developments in the Gulch which boasts LEED certification for environmental factors and sustainability. It is comprised on young adults and empty-nesters who flock to new developments that boast walkability and proximity to Nashville’s core.

The Gulch is actually the first neighborhood in the South to receive “LEED for Neighborhood Development” certification, one of among roughly two dozen neighborhoods internationally. The condo units in the complex have risen steadily in value to about 1.5 times their original sale value in the past 7 years. We encouraged our client to look seriously at these options as part of an investment portfolio as the unit can later be used for rental income if sale prices take a dip. With all investments, diversification of options is key to mitigating market shifts and associated risks.