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Call Us Today: 615-930-0931

Congratulations Float Nashville for opening Tennessee’s first float tank center. We were thrilled to be a part of your journey to get float tanks approved for public use and to begin leasing your first space in Berry Hill. We look forward to helping you expand into the different areas in Nashville that need this incredible therapy. Learn more about all the medical benefits of “floating” and check out our case study below:

Mark Chesshir and Amy Grimes, owners of Float Nashville are incredibly hard working and passionate business owners. When they brought the concept to Elizabeth Gatlin to help them find space she knew they would need help, but had no idea of the uphill battle the group would face in order to open up the first Float Center in Middle Tennessee.

Business Attrition After 1 mileThey began looking within a half mile radii of Amy’s established massage therapy business. After much research, attrition begins happening for certain service providers anywhere outside of that geographic reference point from the established business. Amy had built a practice centered on massage therapy and had planned to bring her current clientele with her to the float center after opening. This drastically limited the range of available spaces that would meet their space needs and criteria so we had to be diligent about proactively looking at options that would fall within a close proximity.

Equipment DiagramWhile Amy and Mark worked tirelessly with the health department to regulate the sanitation, use and requirements for floatation chambers, Elizabeth began working to find lease offerings that might fit their need. Education is one of the hardest parts of opening a new concept facility, so as Amy and Mark educated the health department on filtration systems, showers, and salt, we simultaneously began educating potential landlords on why they should allow us to bring a tenant that would have massive tanks of salt water, plumbing and pool like equipment in an office property and still maintain some negotiating wiggle room. Thank goodness we were able to work with Float Nashville to provide new technical drawings for codes approval and we were able to become more familiar with the ins and outs of the tanks. Amy’s education background was a blessing as we figured out the best plan of attack to not scare off potential Landlords.

Office-Conversion-Floorplan-ExampleWe developed a floorplan, equipment diagrams, and negotiated a three year lease for Float Nashville with the addition of free rent to offset build out timelines. We also offered assistance with connections to help with the buildout and permitting process through a partner commercial contractor Utopia Renovations. Since opening, Mark and Amy have completely remodeled the space from an open sterile office space to a cozy, relaxing therapy center. They have been instrumental in developing new tank prototypes and expanding float centers in the Middle Tennessee Region and we are so excited to see all their hard work begin paying off through the testimonials of their clients and the lives they are changing.