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Cinco De Mayo Coming to East Nashville’s Old Mad Donna’s Location

We are super excited to announce that we have LEASED our 1313 Woodland Listing to locally owned business, Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant.  Coming soon to East Nashville, this will be their 9th location and they can’t wait to open their doors and begin serving great food and drinks as early as June. They are completing renovations to the building to get it up and running quickly and have already applied for permits.

Elizabeth Jewell Gatlin, Owner & Broker, signed the deal last Friday with partner agent, VP of Brokerage, Ross Welch.

We were thrilled to procure Cinco De Mayo for the building and love that they will become a permanent part of the neighborhood for years to come. We hammered out the majority of the details for the lease in their Cummins Station location with the Tenant and Landlords over margaritas. The Landlords are putting in a lot of work to improve the building before their opening and have taken risks to make a big investment in their community.

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This deal took a lot of love and work. Restaurants have a 50% failure rate, and we were concerned that though many of the potential tenants considered for the space had great concepts, they didn’t have the needed systems, management, resources, or financials to ensure their success. One local group even lied about their investment capital, wasted four months of our time, and tried to weasel their way into signing a lease without a licensed GC or Architect. Their design was based off of the wife’s “artistic aesthetic”, having basically grown up in a bar.

We liked Cinco De Mayo for the property because it is independently owned by a local, who has a strong proven track record. The longer term lease means no more turn over in this beautiful building, giving it a fresh start to become something new and revived. The side patio is also going to be opened up into an inviting, vibrant outdoor space, and this location will have TWO margarita machines. #Success!

We have helped multiple Property Owners, Investors, and Restaurants succeed in Nashville’s hot market and love creating value in our local economies. Contact our team today to help with your Commercial Real Estate needs.

Thanks to Jessica To’oto’o and Victor Garcia for their chips and salsa themed photos!