How SF Impacts Real Estate Price

We all know that Location matters, but often the next most important factor in determining Real Estate value is size, and boy, does size matter! Your SF has an incredible impact on your Real Estate holdings and in different ways than you may expect. Let’s take a look at the 4 primary ways to assess property value based on size, and how they impact your bottom line for investment.

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Nashville Opportunity Zones

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on Opportunity Zones. At the lecture we learned what Opportunity Zones are and why we should invest in them. If you’re unfamiliar with Opportunity Zones they are a new community development tool established by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This new tool is designed to drive long-term capital to low-income communities. But how? Well, the new law provides a federal tax incentive for investors to re-invest their capital gains into Opportunity Funds, which are specialized vehicles dedicated to investing in designated low-income areas. Now, before you go throwing all of your capital gains into an Opportunity Fund, here’s what you need to know.

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Location Strategy 101 – Stay Close to Your Competition

Over the years we have worked with tons of clients looking for that perfect space for their business.  And of course, the first factor we consider in the search is “Location, Location, Location!” No matter the sector you are in, be it Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Office, Service, Industrial or otherwise, location is one of the determining factors of your success. Your Real Estate holdings can literally make or break your business. That’s why we wanted to get to the core of one of the top strategies to ensure your success – staying close to your competition.

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Earnest Money Best Practices – How Much “Trust” is Needed in a Real Estate Transaction?

How do you know if you can trust someone? Earnest Money in Real Estate is, in theory, a financial good faith offering showing that you intend to purchase a property and perform tasks to close per contract guidelines and stipulations. But does Earnest money mean you can really trust someone to perform? It’s currently very common in Middle Tennessee to make an offer on a property with some “trust” money on the line to show a Seller that you have some skin in the game. If you mess up, you could risk losing out big time. Below are some of the most common Earnest Money best practices and stories according to Owner and Managing Broker, Liz Gatlin.

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How To Add an In Law Suite to Your Home in Nashville

We get asked all of the time about In Law Suites. Nashville has been growing so fast, that many home owners and investors are considering the opportunities associated with Accessory Dwellings and potential Rentals for extra income and to fill a pent up market demand in our growing city . The funny thing is that there are so many names of these apartment style units! Just check out The Many and Confusing Synonyms for ADUs. (Accessory Dwelling Units) Mother-in-law Suites, Granny flats, Cottages, and Above the Garage Apartments, are all in our vocabulary. Below is a recent case study on how to incorporate an in law suite to your home and benefit from the added space and opportunity.

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Southern Athena’s Guide to Real Estate Investing: How to Invest

Are you curious about real estate investing? It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Over the next 6 weeks I will be giving a beginner’s guide to all things real estate investing. This guide will explain what real estate investing is, different types of investing, and how to evaluate an investment property. By the end of this guide, you will have a basic understand of the real estate investing world and maybe even a little inspiration to take that jump! 

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Selling Your Home – Real Estate Checklist

Selling your property doesn’t have to be full of hassle and stress. You can do it with ease by following these simple steps for success. Get started today – Download our FREE Selling Your Real Estate Checklist! Just enter your name and email below, then click the link in the pink box!

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If you want to get started in the process without any of the typical, high pressure, list NOW “Realtor Sales Pitches”, then go ahead and start down the list before calling us. We are good at those sales pitches too, if you just need a nudge off of the fence. 😉 Either way, contact us when you are ready. We will be here as a resource and are excited to help make the process more enjoyable and easy.

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