How Much Time You Should Budget for Your Commercial Real Estate Search

We work with a lot of businesses looking for Commercial Real Estate and we get asked all of the time, “How long before we need to move should we start looking at properties?” Many owners are surprised to learn that finding the right space is NOT always a fast process. If you are not from the South, you may even say it is agonizingly slow.

After compiling multiple client project timelines, we have answers for you. We also outline the cost benefits of taking your time in the process. Check out our Case Study documenting Float Alchemy‘s experience finding their perfect location with Liz Gatlin for all of the fascinating details and learn how we saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process by taking our time to do it right.

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Williams Sonoma’s Hestan Harvest Party Nashville

When people hear the word “feast”, they typically think of food and wine. Of course, that type of feast still applies to what we are sharing with you in photos, but it was also the most incredible visual feast. The food, the wine, the architecture and design details at Bloomsbury Farm for the Hestan Harvest Party all won everyone over with the way they hit multiple senses at once.

Awestruck is the perfect word to describe this experience. The beautiful Architecture and blend of local’s style with prestigious Williams Sonoma and Hestan was an absolute delight.

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Why We Use Exclusive Representation in Real Estate

When I first got into Real Estate I was literally walking the streets. At the time, it definitely wasn’t very safe for my young blonde 20 something year old self to be going door to door in high heels down the major roads in Nashville. But I was told it was the only way I would get business, so I did. And honestly, I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I even started having to base the success of my day on how many cat calls I had received just to keep things light hearted and my morale high. So naturally, one day as I was walking down 8th, I ran into a criminal masquerading as a Seller. One that has forever shaped my opinions of work and worth.

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Should You Sell Your Home Furnished?

Times are crazy so Buyers might throw out crazy propositions! They want your home, just as it is, furniture and all. This happens and it is happening more and more often as Buyers are seeking to get a deal. And we understand, it is hard to figure out what to do. Add personal belongings into an already personal sale, and now you have a hard decision ahead of you. So in Southern Athena style, we are going to unpack the whole Strategy for so you can make the best call. Plus, this type of sale condition is becoming more common and has been offered to us many times so we have the personal scoop to share.

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Buying a Home After Cancer – Radon and the Unknown

As many of you have heard, the Nashville real estate market is not for the faint of heart right now. This is the story of one family and our recent journey navigating the home buying process that began with all of the cards stacked against us. We were starting in the most competitive price range, under the $250K mark and we had to overcome the market itself – constant bidding wars, frenzied negotiations, so-so school systems, and property with a median home age of 1974. To top it off, both husband and wife were also self employed, 1st time home buyers, and needed to run their business out of their soon to be home. This was going to be tough. When we started, I was working to help a friend; as he, his wife and son looked forward to the opportunities of home ownership. If someone could make this impossible scenario happen, I could.

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