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Call Us Today: 615-930-0931

Architecture Technician

Job Overview

Architectural Technician

Southern Athena is requesting resumes for a full-time Architecture Technician. The position is primarily an AutoCAD drafting position for someone who is competent and comfortable modeling construction standards in 2D and 3D modeling software.


The Architectural Technician will work directly with a Project Architect to help with the completion of construction documents, renderings and design representation of Architectural features for Commercial and Residential Projects.




This position is a heavy computer-based technical position that requires extreme efficiency, fast-paced learning and attention to detail and deadlines. High-level communication of Architectural designs is critical among multiple disciplines.


Salary depends on experience: $40K-70K/year

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Typical office hours are 8:00AM to 5PM Monday – Friday. Job hours may exceed 40 hours per week when deadlines are approaching.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Are you obsessed with details? We need someone who probably loves Legos.

Architectural Technician

  • Communicate and coordinate Architectural systems and designs with Architecture team including Engineering, Interiors, and other Consultants
  • Arrange and prepare presentations of Architectural designs and intent via 2D and 3D renderings
  • Generate construction drawings to include Plans, Sections, Elevations, Details, and Schedules
  • Prepare and coordinate Bidding Packages to include Interior, Lighting, Equipment, and Material quantities and details
  • Maintain company templates, libraries, and best practice standards for use by others on the team and consultants
  • Verify and field measure existing conditions and documentation of construction initiatives

You Are A Pro


Can you handle new details? Can you client changes? Can you stay cool as a cucumbah?

  • 2-5 years of drafting experience
  • Graduate of a CAD degree or certificate program, or just be really damn good.
  • Understanding of construction techniques and details
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Relevant Experience
  • Strong ability to communicate initiatives and tools
  • Tech Savvy – Office, Excel, G Suite, Social Media, and Multimedia Tools Proficient (we are all digital)
  • Autodesk CAD & Revit, Sketchup, Rendering Add-Ons
  • Ability to work independently while still being productive and accountable.


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Free parking. Casual environment. Paid holidays.

Great Environment

We like to party. We have a cool new office. Drinks, snacks, and all the things. Work hard, play hard.


Opportunities for goal based Bonuses


4 Weeks PTO: 10 Major Holidays + 2 weeks vacation / flex time

No Fees

Paid Real Estate License fees, insurances and professional discounts *for Licensed Agents only