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5 Resolutions for Nashville

It’s no secret Nashville development is growing at an astounding rate and everyone is a little anxious on what all of this change really means. We decided on some fairly outrageous new year’s resolutions to make this city an even better place to live, grow and play, but we need your help to make them happen! Here are our top 5 resolutions for Nashville in the new year. What do you think?

Decrease Nashville’s Traffic


Someone has to do something! Traffic is getting worse and worse and someone has to take a stance. We promise to:

  • Support more public transportation options, from bicycle programs to a monorail from Murfreesboro to Nashville, we want them all!
  • Carpooling – We resolve to ride share as much as possible, even if it means coordinating with our families, clients, friends, neighbors and communities to make it all happen. Fewer cars means faster travel.
  • We resolve to walk if possible, even when the weather is funky. We want to help plan for more sidewalks and safer streets in 2015.
  • Drive more safely. We will not text and drive, we will not drink and drive, and we will not look at people as we talk and drive.
  • Look up events before leaving. Google traffic maps are easy, the Waze App is great, we don’t have excuses this year. We know Shelby street bridge will be closed for the Titans, the Preds games will block broadway, and all those 5K road closings and concerts are all over social media. We hope to be better planners in 2015 so we don’t get stuck if we don’t have to.

Sustain and Support Local Businesses


We will do more to spend more on our local businesses and communities. Coffee meetings, gym memberships, restaurant trying and local shop buying. If we have a choice, we resolve to keep more of our money in our communities and in the hands of those that shape them. Last year we saw businesses open all over town that we have been dying to give a try, but we were heartbroken to hear of many of our historic businesses fade into history.

We saw rental rates almost double in areas, local businesses suffer, and a new form of community arise that is more diverse and more gentrified than ever.

We want to help shape our communities through better leasing, sales, and design so that local businesses in Nashville can thrive for the next 10 years to come. That means doing a better job analyzing rental and sales rates that align with realistic business models, both current and projected. It also means we have to take a stand and advocate for our clients through negotiations and leverage. We resolve to help businesses find hidden real estate opportunities and ways to profit through better design.

We also promise to tell all of our friends of these successes and celebrate with Nashville’s new and old businesses alike, so that we can maintain the character that makes Nashville home.

Bring On Better Office Space


Who loves their office space? Who wants more options in town? We do! We saw a lot of dingy properties last year and we are ready to develop the newest, most refined, and advanced office spaces in Tennessee. Come on guys! The economy is booming, Nashville is growing, and we are still working in dark caves of buildings with drop ceilings and moldy carpet. Are we not the technology epicenter of the South? Let’s step it up a notch.

More options means more flexible working environments. Here is what that looks like:

  • Working remotely – Flexibility with how we work means companies get to pay for less space, AND employee satisfaction goes up. (This gives a company cost savings x2 as HR will tell you all about other associated costs with office space, sick days, and lost productivity) Who needs a home office designed for their work personality?
  • Co-working and Desk Sharing – Nashville needs more co-working environments: spaces where companies share space, or desks are leased individually. These are complex ecosystems that we can help develop, design, implement and lease. The demand is there. We want to help fill it.
  • Office remodels – Yep, it is time to spend that money and redesign your work space. How many years has it been since your last remodel? Probably around 2000? Well that was 15 years ago and it is time for a change. Trends have changed, working environments have changed and your employee base needs have changed. We want to help you stretch your dime while giving your office an update so we don’t shake our head in shame when we hear about how awful it is from visitors, friends, and family.

Continue Redevelopment in Downtown Nashville


No need to sprawl and turn into Atlanta. Nashville has tons of space right downtown and the surrounding areas ready for the picking. We just have to convince property owners to strike while the iron is hot, and show tenants they don’t need 15 parking spaces to support their 600 sf businesses. How so you ask? Architecture, development and planning – it just takes the right eye to see the potential. Big or small, thats what we do!

We resolve to stay after those connections and property owners that want to invest, own, live, and be in downtown. New trends show not only younger generations, but also, empty nesters and baby boomers alike are moving to urban areas in droves. We want to help Nashville fulfill these needs and this demand through smarter investment strategy and design.

Warehouse in a shady part of town? We guarantee we can lease it. Empty lot used for car storage or repair? We can redevelop it to make you more money, all while giving the people what they want, a better looking place to visit. Safer street crossing for your customers? We know the perfect landscaping and lighting groups to tackle the endeavor. Just give us a call.

Create More Jobs


We love living and working in Nashville and value our jobs, our economy, and the opportunities given to us in this beautiful Athens of the South. This year we resolve to create MORE jobs so that more people can join the movement and help us do what we do best.

We are excited to announce that we are hiring!

If you or someone you know has a keen eye for design, loves sales, or wants to help with these lofty resolutions, then we want to meet them!

We are seeking to grow our real estate and design team with reliable individuals interested in a real estate career in Nashville’s booming commercial AND residential sectors. We have been working to development the training, the client base, and the opportunities to help our agents reach new heights and want to help share with others this fulfilling career. We also want to show them how to make even more money with a career in real estate.

With more people on our team we will be better able to help more businesses around town grown their visions and brands while creating more jobs for their companies.